Bitcoin Blackjack

Unlike many casino games, blackjack involves strategy, wit, and chance. To win real money, a player has to combine all three factors and still hope that the house edge does not catch up with them. It has become increasingly popular as more variations of the game continue to emerge. Most recently, bitcoin live blackjack has hit the market hard. The use of cryptocurrency in the world famous game has witnessed an unprecedented appreciation among punters. It is even better that the BTC gambling option comes with live casino options.

Bitcoin blackjack reviews have identified the potential of using BTC in blackjack wagering. Apart from the anonymity it provides, payouts from the game online are processed faster and can be accessed by winning players in less than 24 hours.

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Live Bitcoin Blackjack

The ultimate goal of any blackjack game is to accumulate a total card count of 21 or as close as possible but without going over the limit. A typical game commences when the dealer passes out cards to each player around the table. Each player will be dealt two cards face up or face down depending on the approach the dealer takes. The dealer may draw the cards in “Pitch” or “Shoe.” In Pitch, the dealer has two decks in his hands and will deal the cards face down. Shoe is where a machine is used to deal with up to 6 decks. The cards dealt in shoe are dealt face up.

The dealer will have one card facing up and the other facing down. The downward facing card is the hole card. The dealer will not view it unless the other card is 10 or higher.

In bitcoin blackjack online, the value of Ace is eleven. Face cards, J, K, and Q, are each worth 10 and pip cards that are 2 to 10, are worth their face value.

After the dealing of cards, the players at the table have the option to stand, hit, split, or surrender. When a player stands, it means that they require no more cards in the current hand. A hit indicates that the player wants another card. When a player calls a split, he will move new chips next to the original wager to double their bet. Surrender, on the other hand, indicates a forfeit of the hand and half their initial wager. All communications are made by the use of hand gestures. The dealer is not obliged to act unless the proper hand gestures have been used.

Players should remember that the gamble is between them and the dealer. The other players have no significance.

Using OCR technology, bitcoin live blackjack can pick up hand gestures made by a player wearing the proper equipment.

The player wins when the total value of their cards is higher than those of the dealer but not higher than 21. It becomes a bust when the card value exceeds 21. When the dealer’s card value is higher, the player loses his wager to the house. When both the dealer and player get a bust, the player still loses to the house. However, when the card values are tied and fall below 21, the player will get both wagers.

Staking Bitcoins in Live Bitcoin Blackjack

The conveniences of BTC gambling are obvious at the outset. First, the cryptocurrency offers a secure platform for players to transact with the online casinos accepting bitcoin. The blockchain technology uses a set of complex algorithms to store transactional information which can be difficult to intercept.

Moreover, the decentralized digital currency also ensures anonymity. The holders of BTC wallets only have a unique identification number which is called the wallet address. This address is the only link to the person transacting. The address is not attached to any personal information so it might be difficult to trace back a transaction to an individual or entity. Players who like to stay anonymous will, therefore, be pleased with the perks that come with BTC.

Online Blackjack with bitcoin is a game changer. Besides from being lively and exciting, it buttresses existing security systems in online gambling operations. Also, you can easily get bitcoins by playing games like Blackjack.


Most bitcoin blackjack casinos offer two variations of the game namely Multihand and Multiplayer Bitcoin Blackjack. The first allows the player to play more than one hand during one round. This game is fast-paced and more intricate than the classic game. Multiplayer Bitcoin Blackjack allows a player to join a table with other players in real time.

However, Blackjack 21 Bitcoin game is also available in some of the online casinos mentioned in this review.

The Right Casino

Before enjoying this table game classic, a gamer has to look for a suitable online casino to place their wagers in. BTC gambling is a rather recent concept which many online casinos are yet to embrace. The few that have are reliable and offer a safe space for punters to play this game using BTC. The top bitcoin blackjack casinos are powered by software that supports live BTC blackjack gaming as well as bitcoin slots about which you can read here

While it may be difficult to find a casino that has combines the above characteristics, this review makes it easy for you by providing a list of the best bitcoin blackjack sites 2020.

Depending on the casino, you can play blackjack bitcoin under the following titles Face Up 21, European and American Blackjack, Double Exposure, Super 7, Single Deck, Pontoon, and Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

Best Bitcoin Blackjack Sites 2021

Under this head lies a list of online houses with provably fair bitcoin blackjack offerings. You will find casinos that are fully licensed with games that have been certified by reputable authorities. Check the full casino review for a closer look at establishment’s features.

  • Fortune Jack
  • mBit Casino
  • Cloud Bet
  • 7 Bit Casino
  • BetChain Casino
  • Bit Stars Casino
  • Bit
  • Café Casino, and
  • Bitcoin Video Casino.

Financial technology is quickly changing as commercial markets adapt more to online transactions. Soon, the traditional concept of money will be viewed as redundant and cumbersome. The transition to bitcoin gambling is a bold and progressive move that casinos are making. If you would like to read about bitcoin roulette just land at this page.