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Punto Banco Pro Series

Punto Banco is a baccarat variant. This baccarat variant comes from the Net Entertainment stable.

Just like most other card games including also baccarat, the aim when playing Punto Banco Net Entertainment is to predict the winner between the casino and the player/s.

This basically means that the player (Punto) is playing against the dealer (banco). You can play Punto Banco online at any casino.

Punto Banco Pro Series details

Provider NetEnt
Minbet 1
Maxbet 100
Red Stag Casino Logo
$2,500 BONUS + UP TO 500 FREE SPINS!
Play for real money

What do You Need to Know Before Playing?

Before you start playing this game, there are certain rules that you need to know and stick to as you play.

The first rule that you need to know is that when playing this title, you need to total 9 or come as close as you can because the winner is the player/dealer who holds cards totalling 9 or coming close to that total.

This means as you play, you have to focus on your hand rather than other players’ or the dealers’ hand.

As long as you manage to accumulate and not exceed a total value of 9, you rest assured that you are going to win or at least force a tie.

The right-most number in double-digit totals is your number. In practice, this means if the game ends with you having a hand totalling 12, your hand will be counted as ‘2’, i.e., the right-most number.

Card Valuations

A key thing to note when you are playing Punto Banco is to know how to read your hand. All face cards in this play carry their face value with the exception of ‘10’.

An Ace in this game counts as one point. The following symbols carry zero points when playing, i.e., number ‘10’, Jack, Queen, and King.

How to Play Punto Banco?

As stated before, this is a betting play meaning the gambler has to bet for either a Punto win, banco win or a tie. The game starts with the dealer sharing face up cards.

Regardless of the number of players, the dealer only shares two cards to the player/s. After the cards have been dealt, counting starts, if any of the players or dealer has a hand totalling 7+, a winner is immediately declared.

However, if all players and the dealer have card valuations of less than 7, then a betting round occurs. The dealer is the first to pick a third card if the player/s have card valuations totalling 5 to 6.

However, a third card is dealt if the player/s have card valuations below 5. This betting round continues until either the players or the dealer accumulates a card valuation of 7+.

This Net Entertainment has attracted a number of players since its introduction. The biggest attraction of this game is its payout, it has an RTP of 98.92 percent meaning it’s one of the most rewarding card games today.

Punto Banco is available at most casinos online including at Bitcoin casinos where players can play the game for bitcoin.

In addition, this is an instant game which allows players to play the game instantly on any device supporting Flash be it handheld devices or on the desktop computer.

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