How to Deposit at a Bitcoin Casino [Guide]

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Essentially, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency used online monetary transaction. Due to the quick evolution of technology, Bitcoin use has rampantly grown so that nowadays it is used in online casinos just like money, which can be deposited and withdrawn via online Bitcoin Wallet. To any player who may be interested in Bitcoin gambling but isn’t sure how it works or how to go about it, spare the next few minutes to read a today’s post.  We’ll help you understand how this popular digital currency work and how you can get it then use it to play in a gaming site that accepts this form of currency.

About Bitcoin

First introduced back in 2009, Bitcoin is an open-source computer software that is commonly used as a banking method on the internet. It is decentralised, and there isn’t any government agency controlling its usage anywhere across the globe. So, people can transfer funds over the internet using web wallets to online casinos or while buying goods online to any vendor accepting BTCs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin


The following are the benefits of using BTC:

  • It provides the users with anonymity
  • It isn’t controlled or regulated by any form of government because it is decentralised
  • The Bitcoin transactions are instant
  • In most cases, you will not be charged any transactional fees
  • Thanks to its decentralised system, it’s exceptionally secure.


On the other hand, the downsides of using this digital currency are:

  • It is highly volatile
  • The transactions involving Bitcoins are irreversible

How Do I Deposit Using Bitcoins?

Cashing into any online casino is a straight-forward process that will take you a few minutes at most to set things up and start using it to enjoy your favourite games. You must, however, note that above anything else, the gaming site that you want to play at must be accepting this currency if you are to start using it. So, start by confirming whether the site accepts it before you proceed. And if it’s accepted, here are the steps that you should follow to load your bankroll!

Get a Wallet

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First thing before you start using this digital coin, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. There are two types of BTC wallets, namely web wallets and software wallets.

Remember, Bitcoin usage is quite risky, so make sure that the website you are going to is legitimate because once you have lost your Bitcoin, the transaction is untraceable, therefore, no matter how much loss you’ve incurred, it’s irreversible.

Web wallets

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Bitcoin wallets which are web-based are the most convenient and easiest ones to use.  You just log in to any of the web wallet vendors, create your account and there you go! The only downside they have is that they are less secure when compared to their counterparts, software wallets.

Some of the most trusted web wallets that you can register an account include the likes of Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Wallet, Orbitz and Electrum.

Software Wallets

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The other way you can have a BTC wallet is by downloading the wallet software in your PC and registering an account.  They are the most secure since you are fully in control of your cryptocurrency and you don’t rely on any other third-party software for storing your Bitcoins. Some of the most reliable software wallets downloadable in your PC are such as Armory, Multibit and Bitcoin Core.

Once you pick a wallet option, it’s now time to get the coinage!

Get Bitcoins

Essentially, without going into technical details, the Bitcoin transactions operate just like regular monetary transactions. You can get them from people living in your neighbourhood, or you can just find BTC vendors online. However, the safest and surest way of getting the coins is from your Bitcoin wallet. In most of the legit wallets out there, there is a section where you can buy or sell BTCs from trusted sources all over the world. When buying them, you don’t need a specific currency to go through with the transaction, in most cases, you will use your local currency and the usual payment methods. So, for the most part, it won’t be a hassle, getting them will just be a basic buy and sell transaction. If there are any extra steps involved, you’ll usually find an extra set of instructions in the wallet.

Spend Bitcoins at Online Casinos

Other than shopping for stuff online, this digital coin can also be spent at any Bitcoin casinos on the internet. After you have stacked your wallet with BTCs, just create an account with a good gaming site that accepts the digital currency and carries on with your transactions.

The good thing about Bitcoin is that these transactions are processed instantly allowing players to start playing games right away.  In many online casinos, the easiest way to deposit Bitcoins, just copy the casino’s wallet address you wish to deposit to. After that, paste the address in the recipient’s address section, enter the required BTC amount and send. However, more advanced sites may also give you the option of scanning a QR code to complete the transaction in a jiffy. Either way, the Bitcoins you send will be confirmed, and automatically, you will be ready to play.

Final Words

For a fact, using Bitcoins in the online casino industry is the real deal. Unlike what most people assume, getting started with this cryptocurrency isn’t difficult at all. It is very easy to use and then most importantly, it is very convenient. Just like the conventional currency, to use BTC at any online casino that accepts the option, you must have a wallet that contains the cryptocurrency.

So, take a look at the advantages of using this form of payment, and you’ll realise that it’s one of the best ways to carry out your online gaming transactions. Other than fast transactions, convenience, low transactional fees and security, no one can trace your gambling activity! Wouldn’t you like that?

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