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Deuces Wild Betsoft

Deuces Wild Betsoft is a video poker variant. This title differs from others (poker games) in that it has a deuce which turns into a wild whenever it pops up on the screen.

With this transforming deuce, it means each time you land a wild on the screen plus a deuce, your count will read ‘2 Kings/Queens’ as a wild represents King/Queen in video poker.

Deuces Wild Betsoft details

Provider BetSoft
Minbet 0.02
Maxbet 15
Red Stag Casino Logo
$2,500 BONUS + UP TO 500 FREE SPINS!
Play for real money

Things to Note When Playing

When you want to play this Betsoft game, there are a number of rules that you need to keep in mind. These rules include the following.

The first rule in Deuces Wild pertains to the deck. Only one deck of 52 cards is used when playing this game thereby eliminating the possibilities of getting more cards of the same suits and/or numbers.

In addition, after every hand, the deck is automatically shuffled thereby eliminating the possibilities of one counting the cards.

The second rule pertains to the transforming deuce. The Deuce is the main element in this play which differentiates this poker variant from other poker variants.

The deuce in this game transforms to take the form of any high-value symbol on the screen.

With the King or Queen being high-value symbols in this play, it means any time you land high-value symbols and the deuce simultaneously, the Deuce will take the form of the high-value symbol.

The third rule in this game pertains to the number of rounds you can play. You can only play two rounds in this game, i.e., the first round and the showdown.

The first round is when the cards are dealt and the second round is when you either win or lose.

Hand Rankings

Card valuations in Deuces Wild resemble that of regular poker though there are some slight differences. In the order of the highest to the lowest valuations:

  • The Royal Flush is the highest hand in this title, followed by Four Deuces (4 deuces on board),
  • Deuces Royal Flush (the deuce replaces another card; the replaced card may only be that of the King or Queen as the deuce replaces only high-value symbols),
  • Five of a Kind,
  • Straight Flush,
  • Four of a Kind,
  • Full House,
  • Flush,
  • Straight,
  • Three of a Kind.

Tips on Playing Deuces Wild Online

There are two rounds in this game. The first round starts when you press the ‘Deal’ button. Five cards will be dealt.

Depending on the cards dealt in the first round, you may choose to hold or not. It’s possible to hold a few cards in case you land a pair of high-value cards.

The cards you hold will not change for the next round. Press again the ‘Deal’ card for the second round.

The second round is the last round and depending on the card combination on the screen, you will be awarded your prize.

Deuces Wild is playable at most casinos online including Bitcoin casinos where you can play Deuces Wild for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Regardless of the device, you are using, you can play this Betsoft title as long as the device supports Flash.

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